Permanent Security Cameras

Permanent Security Cameras from C2G Safety & Security

At C2G Safety & Security, we understand that security is paramount, and our comprehensive approach integrates both cloud-based and on-premise solutions to provide unparalleled flexibility and reliability. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our customizable camera systems ensure a seamless blend of advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces.

Our cloud-based solutions empower you with remote access and real-time monitoring, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your assets from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, our on-premise offerings provide a robust and localized security infrastructure, perfect for organizations prioritizing physical control.

What sets C2G apart is our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your security measures. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to collaborate with you, tailoring solutions that align with your unique requirements and challenges.

With C2G Safety & Security, elevate your surveillance game and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected by the latest advancements in safety and security technology. Trust us to be your partner in creating a safer, more secure future.


Flexible, AI-powered software

Avigilon’s video management systems integrate your cameras, access and analytics through an easy-to-use platform for smarter and more efficient management of your sites.

  • Complete situational awareness
    Avigilon’s AI-powered on-premise physical security platform brings together video security, access control and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable solution.
  • Cloud versatility
    Deploy a fully cloud-native video management system to gain real-time visibility and insights that you can manage from anywhere.
  • Driven by AI
    Intuitive and easy-to-use software learns and understands what matters to your security, alerting you when action is required.

Avigilon Unity on-premise security

Avigilon Unity is our AI-powered on-premise enterprise physical security platform that brings together video security, access control and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable solution.

  • Easy-to-use, AI-enabled video management interface that highlights the most important security information at your sites
  • Innovative end-to-end access control system that links access control events with video evidence
  • Instantly recognize what is happening at your sites with advanced analytics to make critical decisions in the moments that matter.

Avigilon Alta cloud-native security

Avigilon Alta is our cloud-based security platform that empowers you to control your security from anywhere.

  • Deploy a fully cloud-native security system, or connect Alta with your existing cameras and readers to modernize them with intelligent cloud capabilities
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption, the 100% serverless solution increases operational flexibility for any number of sites
  • Integrate your current IT stack using the App Marketplace or create your own custom apps
  • Build a future-proof solution that protects your assets now, and effortlessly adapts to address tomorrow’s security challenges.



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Permanent Security Cameras from C2G Safety & Security

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